I can’t wait to share this post with you, not only because I love the photos but because it’s about a very special event- and we all like something extra special, don’t we?

A couple of months ago we received an invitation to a party to celebrate our friend Quent’s 10 year anniversary for living life to the full.  This is totally contrary to the 10 month forecast he had when he was diagnosed with advanced cancer in 2006.  You can read the full story here.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Quentin and his wife Helen are the 2 most life affirming people we have the pleasure to know.  You cannot help but be drawn into their incredible warmth and wonderful outlook on life.

Not only are they busy living life but they’re busy giving back too-  this party was also to raise money for the incredible research work that Quent’s doctor does to help those who are diagnosed with this horrible disease.  So on Saturday 300 or so friends and family made their way to a campsite in Chorleywood for Quent 10 (or as someone suggested- QuentFest!).

All this wonderful weather we have had lately was interrupted on Saturday by some very heavy rain in the morning, but when we arrived early in the afternoon the sun had broken through and gave us a couple of hours of beautiful warm sunshine. This was perfect for pitching tents, drinking tea and eating cake in preparation for the evening’s big party.

The whole atmosphere was fabulous- children running around enjoying the campfire, coconut shy, and swinging on ropes.  There were smiles and hugs everywhere, music in the marquee and a fantastic team of friends who served tea, manned the beer stall and set up the tents, lighting and sound.  And of course Quent and Helen themselves who did everything, answered every question and still managed to greet and say thank you to everyone of their friends who came.

Enjoy a few images from Saturday and  join me in saying congratulations to Quent and thank you for the inspirational Quentin and Helen.

Setting up Quent 10  by Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling Photography
A team of friends made this whole celebration possible
Surrey Family Photographer
The man himself- Quent greeting guests
Surrey Family Photographer captures love and friendship at Quent 10
The first stop was the tea tent and a hug
Boy and dog by Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling
Everyone made friends
Pitching tents in the woods by Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling
Tents were put up in woodland clearings all around the site
Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling Photography
The band warming up in the marquee
Surrey Family Photographer
It was idyllic with the sun and campfire smoke filtering through the trees
Surrey Family Photographer
The tea tent was better than the Great British Bakeoff thanks to friends
coconut shy
A coconut shy provided hours of fun for those determined to get one…
Sunny camping
Beautiful sunshine added to the celebrations
Portraits by Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling Photography
Quentin and Helen enjoy 5 seconds of peace before they were off again

So a totally wonderful event for a very special person. Here’s to the next 10, and to QuentFest 2017!