A branch laden with crab apples
The tree is laden with crab apples- gorgeous autumn colour

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s now well and truly autumn here on the farm- the leaves are falling, and we’ve been tidying up for the winter.  Our sheep are in wonderful condition with all the lush grass and sunshine , and our rams are being loaned to other flocks to strengthen bloodlines.  We’ve had pears and a super crop of figs.  The bees haven’t had a very productive year as the spring flowers were late and it was very wet when they should have been building their supplies, so we’ve left all the honey to the bees to strengthen them this winter.  I love this season, with its chilly nights and lovely sunny days, and so far this autumn it’s been perfect.

So what’s new this week?

  • ‘Adulting’ is a new word this week- it describes a teenager acting grown up.  So now you know.
  • We went to see the Peking Opera on Saturday night and it was fabulous-  stunning costumes, breathtaking acrobatics and  sword fights, gorgeous scenery and a wonderful love story.  Perfect for all ages, and there were subtitles!  It’s fun to do something completely different.
  • As the days draw in, it’s time to start thinking stews and hotpots.  In my search for the perfect vegetarian chilli, I tried a new recipe this weekend.  Just the right amount of spice and definitely 8 out of 10.  Yum
  • I received a really special homemade gift from my 12 year old yesterday.  It was a ‘pick me up tray’  with essential oils, tissues, scented candles and pretty flowers for my hair that she had put together herself. #precious moments
  • Looking forward to half term next week.  Nothing planned yet.  Maybe just sleep in everyday.

Fingers crossed for more sunshine and perfect walking conditions….don’t forget to take your camera!

Have a lovely week x