Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling's high ropes photpHappy Monday Friends!

So we are recovering from the mother of all busy weekends- and there was no alcohol involved!  I had no family photography sessions this weekend, so I took lots of fun photos at Rowena’s birthday party instead.

In 60 hours, we managed to cram in hosting a survival evening for the guides at the farm, 2 birthday parties, a sleepover, helping at a tea party for 40 delightful senior citizens and a full day rehearsal for the school play.

Reading that back makes me wonder how we did it!

As ever, lessons learned and points of note:

  • Is it just me or did we go to sleep last night in June and wake up in November?
  • Dear Miss Hunter-Blair, Rowena worked very hard on her maths probability boardgame this weekend, but she is very tired and I am sorry if she falls asleep in class.
  • Why is it always so difficult to get plain black leggings for play performances in summer? Don’t the clothing shops realise that there are hundreds of desperate mums hunting the rails for winter leggings in the middle of summer?
  • Why do I always leave the search for black leggings till the last minute?
  • No matter how tired you are at 6.30am on a Monday, if you play Smells like Teen Spirit very very loudly and jump around the kitchen like you’re 17 again singing at the top of your voice, you will be unstopable afterwards. Start Monday like you mean to go on.

Now that have shared my foolproof get up and go formula and I am completely awake, I have a gorgeous family photography session with delightful twin girls to share with you on Wednesday. I can’t wait!

Have a wonderful week everyone…..