Amanda Darling Photography Teenagers sunset photograph

Happy Monday friends!

So it was back to school last Thursday, and that last minute ritual to find what clothes they had grown out of and braving the throng at Clarks to get new shoes. And then they’re gone, and doesn’t it seem quiet?

What a beautiful summer we had, and it’s still going! Woohoo. I hope you all enjoyed this precious time, because I have just realised that this time in 4 years my eldest daughter will be leaving home to go to university. Just 4 short years from now. It goes so fast.

So with teenage years in full swing here are some holiday moments:

  • Texting my daughter in her bedroom to come downstairs and join us for lunch as she had headphones in and didn’t hear me calling- it will happen to you
  • The latest must have gadget is a virtual reality headset
  • Avoiding all cameras all the time- so very few photos during the holidays
  • Telling me it was OK for Daddy and I to go on holiday for the week and leave her behind (Sounds tempting- does that make me a bad mum?)
  • Looking after her younger cousin so brilliantly, that she will make a great baby sitter
  • Doing all her homework early in the holidays without being asked

This is one of a very few photographs that I was able to take of my eldest this holiday.  Notice I had to be cunning and photograph from behind. But I am so pleased with it.  It captures the moment with her sister striding out to sea after a long afternoon in the water, the hand holding, the golden sunset light.

Four short years left- I shall treasure this photograph.

Have a lovely week everyone x