I am so excited to share this gorgeous family photography session with you today.  This is only the third time I have ever photographed twins, and I want to photograph more!

As a family photographer it is wonderful to be able to stand back and capture the connection between each member of the family. There is an added dimension with twins because they are separate and together at the same time.  These girls ran and played together so beautifully and were funny, feisty and thoughtful. We ended up with beautiful images that show so many sides of their personalities.

During the shoot, I made sure to get some lovely photographs of Emma and Mark together too- often parents realise that they haven’t had ‘proper’ photographs of themselves together since their wedding!  This is a perfect chance to capture some relaxed and happy portraits together.

We photographed the session late in the afternoon and the weather and light was beautiful.  As we walked through the woods and fields, the rabbits scattered and scampered away much to the joy of the girls.  Then we came across a whole field full of beautiful buttercups, and the girls had fun gathering armfuls, seeing who could collect the most.

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs from this lovely family as much as I enjoyed photographing them.


Twin girls climing a gate by Surrey photographer amanda darling photograhy Amanda Darling Photography lifestyle woodland family session Amanda Darling Photography Surrey twins photographer Amanda Darling Photography Surrey photographer Family photography Mother and daughter by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Dad and twin daughterd lifesyle family photgrapher Amanda Darling

Twin girls waering blues by Surrey lifestyle photographer Amanda Darling Realxed Family photograpy with laughing twin girls by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Twin girls with buttercups by lifestyle family photographer Amanda Darling Family walking through a field of buttercups ny Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Relaxed Parents walking through field of buttercups by Amanda Darling photography relaxed photograph of dad and twin daughter by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Classic relaxed family photography by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling