A relaxed and natural mother and baby photography session Epsom Surrey

Babies are only babies for a fleeting moment.  I know because my eldest will be 16 this year and it seems like only yesterday that I could hold her in my arms, blow raspberries on her tummy and not be embarrassing (although she hides it so well- I am so lucky).  I wish I could have each of those moments again.  So when Rebecca introduced me to Teo, I was smitten- big blue eyes, just like his mummy; lots of bubble blowing and a wonderful interest in everything going on around him.  He's at that lovely age when the best game in the world is to take his socks off.  He was so relaxed and easy, even having a little nap whilst we were enjoying a cup of tea.

Mother and baby photography session are so lovely. Because we take our time and work around the baby's feeds and naps, both mother and baby are relaxed and happy throughout.

We wondered round the home, finding great light and capturing many special mummy and baby photographs.  So now Rebecca can hold onto these wonderful baby moments forever.

Enjoy a few favourites from their relaxed and natural mother and baby photography session.....

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A newborn baby photography session in Ewell- welcoming Edward

Three and a half years ago, I photographed Marcus at 5 weeks old.  And here I am nearly 3 years later absolutely thrilled to do the same for his brother Edward.  I went to their home in Ewell and Lola and Michael spent a happy 2 hours cuddling and  focussing on their beautiful children.  Marcus was completely unfazed and played happily with his toys.  The result was photographs of relaxed and happy family times enjoying this wonderful new chapter of their family.

When it comes to baby photography I make sure the session is completely relaxed and we go at the baby's pace, allowing time for feeds and naps.  I love to capture the images that I as a parent would treasure.  This means I look for images that show the deep and incredibly close and protective love that parents wrap their newborns in.  It's really important for parents to be able to look back on that special time and see the connection and moments with their children.  As newborns are often the most photographed by the family, I make sure that I focus on the parents with the child, as they are often the ones taking lots of pictures on their phones but are rarely in the shots themselves.  I imagine that when the babies themselves are grown and have their children and grandchildren they will treasure the chance to see how they are loved and feel that connection.

I hope you enjoy some of the images from this lovely family photography session.  Welcome Edward!





Relaxed baby photography in Ewell, Surrey

When Marcus was born, his parents, Lola and Michael were kind enough to ask me to capture his fast changing babyhood with a photography session.  At 6 weeks, Marcus was super smiley, super curious and super relaxed and seemed to love every minute of our session- as we all did.  It's often easier to shoot these sessions at the baby's home, because some mums feel more comfortable with everything to hand, so I hopped over to Ewell and we shot these in their front room. We took it slowly and worked around his nap and feeding times, and Marcus was a star throughout.  I loved capturing his expressions: this is such an expressive age where everything is so interesting and new.  As well as all the beautiful moments with Lola and Michael, we made sure to get images of Marcus with some of the special toys. I love thinking that one day,  Marcus can look back at these, maybe with his children and grandchildren and share with them these treasured moments with his parents.

Thank you, Lola and Michael, for inviting me to meet Marcus and capture such precious memories for you.  I wish you all much joy and happiness.

If you want some relaxed and natural photography of your baby, children and family, please call me for a no obligation chat.

Enjoy some images from Marcus's session.

Marcus is so interesting in what's going on around him
Marcus is so interested in what's going on around him
Super-cute yawn
Super-cute yawn
Looking into his mother's eyes and smiling
Smiling at Lola
A lovely moment with dad to cherish
A lovely moment with dad
Marcus Robbs21
Already, Marcus has become very attached to his animals and it makes me smile to think of Marcus looking back over these- perhaps in time with his own children- and see such a pristine 'sheep' when they will know it as a well loved and well worn 'sheep' that has seen its share of cuddles, love, smiles and comfort over many years. That will be such a precious link back to childhood.
Beautiful moments

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