Lambing season on the farm- our beautiful Wiltshire Horns

My husband Eamonn is always glued to lambing live on TV and he's an avid you tube watcher too, even though we have our own sheep.  When I asked him why, he gave me two very powerful reasons which we could all apply to the things we do: Firstly he always learns something when he watches, either a tip or technique that saves time or saves a lamb, or he could learn what not to do!  He says it's quicker to learn from others' mistakes as you save time by avoiding them- wise words!  The other reason he watches is because he is completely passionate about his flock and the farming life.  He grew up watching animals being born and looking after them on his parents' farm, and now on his own farm, the joy he gets from his animals seems even stronger.  It's like living Countryfile here!

So every year, for a few weeks, lambing live is lived out day and night in a field and barn behind our house.

This year we were very specific about our lambing season as last year we were lambing all over the Easter holidays and we didn't get a day's break, because the welfare of the lambs is the most important thing and you need to be nearby.  So we put the rams with the ewes later last autumn, and as a result we were able to catch a quick week away as we timed lambing to start at the end of the school holidays- result!

As well as being very beautiful sheep, Wiltshire Horns are an old, traditional breed and are very hardy and self-sufficient.  Unlike many modern breeds, they are very self sufficient and independent when giving birth and we had no complications at all this year again.  They are happy to give birth in the field, and make excellent mothers.  We only take them into the barn for a day or so after they have given birth to feed up the ewe and give her a chance to focus on her young, and protect them from foxes.  Most of them have twins, and this year one also had triplets.

Seeing new born lambs is definitely nourishing for the soul, and to see them playing with each other, curling up to sleep together, and jumping around is quite beautiful.

Enjoy some photos of this year's lambs.

AEF_9706b AEF_9703b

These lambs are minutes old.  The girl at the top is born with horn bases, the boy above has horns already, which will grow very fast.

AEF_9728 72dpi AEF_981172dpi

The lamb in both these images is the third triplet whom the girls christened Baby.  He was smaller than his big sisters and wasn't getting the milk he needed to thrive, so we have been bottle feeding him.  He thinks he's a human at the moment as he spends so much time with us, following us around like a little puppy.  He's adorable.

AEF_9732 72dpi

When the lambs feed, their tails waggle very fast- like catkins in the wind!

AEF_9828 72dpi

AEF_9805 72dpi AEF_9759 72dpi AEF_982372dpi AEF_981572dpi

The mums and lambs live a very relaxed life: lying in the sun, moving to the shade when they get too hot, eating and snoozing all day and looking very lovely indeed.

Spring lifestyle children's Photography in Chipstead, Surrey

Two years ago, these two lovelies had a wonderful time while I captured some very special images for their parents in a photography shoot in Chipstead, Surrey.  They walked and climbed to their hearts' content and laughed their way through the afternoon.  Two years later, they are back in a very special birthday shoot for their Granny!  More of that soon: in the meantime  enjoy a few of my favourite photographs from their session.  I'm excited to bring you the new images soon!








January on the Farm in Photos

So many people ask us what's happening here on the farm throughout the year, that I thought a monthly round up would be a good idea, and where better to start than January?  It's a quiet month, when we concentrate on getting ready for spring and lambing.  Our Rams are back together away from the ewes, the chickens' egg production starts to increase as the days lengthen and the bees stay in their hives unless it really warms up.  This year we have had perfect January weather: sunny, cold and a few days of snow.  The snow lasted long enough to look beautiful and build snowmen, but melted after a few days so we could all carry on as normal.

Whilst I usually photograph children, I thought it would be fun to photograph the animals instead so you could see January in photos: enjoy....

One of our beautiful rams in the snow
One of our beautiful rams in the snow
Plenty of snowball fights this year
Plenty of snowball fights this year
I love photographing natural moments when they don't know you're there
I love photographing natural moments when they don't know you're there
These two are our Wiltshire Horn rams, their horns are amazing
These two are our Wiltshire Horn rams, their horns are amazing
This handsome fellow is called, rather originally, Whitey and he definitely has a spring in his step now the days are beginning to lengthen
This handsome fellow is called, rather originally, Whitey and he definitely has a spring in his step now the days are beginning to lengthen
This is our stable cat- mice beware!
This is our stable cat- mice beware!
You get gorgeous days for photography in January too!
You get gorgeous days for photography in January too!

It will be fun to see how much changes through the year!  Hope you enjoyed my little tour.

Family Gathering photography in Warlingham, Surrey: Part 1

I am really excited to share this family photography session with you, because it's 4 (yes you read it right) sessions in one and 3 generations.  There was a lot of planning involved in this shoot, because it was new years eve day and we had a very small window of shooting time because daylight was so limited and family were together only that day and then travelling back to their various homes on 2 different continents the next day, so absolutely no pressure whatsoever!

And what a fantastic time we had.  These lovely people were outstanding, they laughed and joked all the way through and you would have no idea we were a little chilly at the time.  I shot separate families and larger groups, grand children and grand parents, grown ups and couples and enjoyed every single second.  Not only that, but as you can see from the images below, despite the distances that they had travelled to be at the shoot, Claire and Venita managed to subtly coordinate their families' clothing in neutrals and blues with a pop of pink, which really make the colour images harmonise.

I particularly love the images with the grandparents and children together- grandparents should definitely be at more family photography sessions!

This was truly a photography session to remember, and the results speak for themselves. These photographs are now hanging in rooms in 3 different countries, reminding them of their wonderful families spread throughout the world.

No matter what time of year you plan to have your shoot, you can still have a beautiful session.

If you have a special family event or gathering or a very large family that you would like to capture together then I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime enjoy part 1 of the beautiful portraits from that day, today we are featuring the children....

Even in winter you can have beautiful portraits
Even in winter you can have beautiful portraits

AEF_5889AEF_5897 AEF_5894AEF_5907 AEF_5903 AEF_5920 AEF_5947 AEF_5953AEF_6169 AEF_6128AEF_6149 AEF_6115AEF_6157AEF_5972 AEF_5981

Relaxed baby photography in Ewell, Surrey

When Marcus was born, his parents, Lola and Michael were kind enough to ask me to capture his fast changing babyhood with a photography session.  At 6 weeks, Marcus was super smiley, super curious and super relaxed and seemed to love every minute of our session- as we all did.  It's often easier to shoot these sessions at the baby's home, because some mums feel more comfortable with everything to hand, so I hopped over to Ewell and we shot these in their front room. We took it slowly and worked around his nap and feeding times, and Marcus was a star throughout.  I loved capturing his expressions: this is such an expressive age where everything is so interesting and new.  As well as all the beautiful moments with Lola and Michael, we made sure to get images of Marcus with some of the special toys. I love thinking that one day,  Marcus can look back at these, maybe with his children and grandchildren and share with them these treasured moments with his parents.

Thank you, Lola and Michael, for inviting me to meet Marcus and capture such precious memories for you.  I wish you all much joy and happiness.

If you want some relaxed and natural photography of your baby, children and family, please call me for a no obligation chat.

Enjoy some images from Marcus's session.

Marcus is so interesting in what's going on around him
Marcus is so interested in what's going on around him
Super-cute yawn
Super-cute yawn
Looking into his mother's eyes and smiling
Smiling at Lola
A lovely moment with dad to cherish
A lovely moment with dad
Marcus Robbs21
Already, Marcus has become very attached to his animals and it makes me smile to think of Marcus looking back over these- perhaps in time with his own children- and see such a pristine 'sheep' when they will know it as a well loved and well worn 'sheep' that has seen its share of cuddles, love, smiles and comfort over many years. That will be such a precious link back to childhood.
Beautiful moments

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