Thursday Thoughts from a Surrey Family Photographer

Wiltshire horn ram by family photographer Amanda Darling

Hi friends,

So it's 2018, the children went back to school on Tuesday and I ventured into the office for the first time this year. It took a while to reach the desk as I had to do a major tidy up- it was the place where we put everything we didn't want to see over the holidays!  Now at least I can use the keyboard, even if the room isn't looking like a spread from House Beautiful. But I have plans to be tidier this year.....

I did my last photography shoot in the week before Christmas.  Then treated myself to stepping away from the everyday tasks to invest in learning and planning for 2018.  This included 2 workshops and a planning away day- and it was fantastic.  As my photography business has grown I have needed to upgrade and streamline systems.   This will allow more time to shoot more family photography sessions, while serving my clients even better.  Exciting things on the way for 2018- watch this space.

So what's new on the farm, since the last update?

(You can see some other posts about the farm here)

  • We're expecting the pitter patter of little hoofs again this Easter as lambing starts.
  • We had spectacular success with selling our beautiful pedigree rams to flocks far and wide this season.  (When I say 'our' I mean Eamonn's as he does all the work!)
  • Last year we began clearing out some of the old woodland, to provide better conditions for the beautiful native trees to flourish along with the wildlife, and it's starting to look wonderful.  It means there is access to previously impenetrable areas- and as a bonus, more lovely areas to photograph in.
  • The recent rain has refilled the ponds, ready for spring and frogspawn.
  • Inside, there is finally a new family bathroom (we've only lived here for 6 years!).  And we found that the Georgian part of the roof was built using a beautiful oak branch complete with bark. We need the Time Team to come to the farm - I bet we'd find some really interesting history here!Sheep grazing on Noke Farm, SurreySo, till next time, enjoy your weekend...