Meet Stitch- Photographs of a gorgeous Frenchie

Sometimes when you're working really hard, you just need to step away and focus on something really gorgeous to reinvigorate yourself before plunging back into the task at hand.  That's why videos of cats and dogs are so popular on YouTube.    Today we don't need to go anywhere else for our dose of gorgeous, because it's right here.  Meet Stitch, one of the most adorable dogs I have ever met.

She came right in and made herself at home.  Relaxed and chilled are an understatement. Within minutes she had claimed the sofa- snuggling down, nestling under the cushions and generally melting the hearts of everyone who met her.

Interesting factoid about Stitch is that she is deaf.  But that did not stop her from joining in and milking every hug and cuddle she could get.  This girl knows how to work a room, and within an hour she had assembled a court of adoring children and adults.

She also knows how to work the camera- any pose was granted- no tantrums and no bribery needed. In the sunshine on her beautiful black, white and grey coat almost glowed and her enormous dark eyes sparkled.

She click-clacked over the flagstones to the windows and spent a few interested minutes watching a chicken in the garden. Then it was back to the sofa for more cuddles and a game of 'where's my toy?'

Stich's family recently added a new baby Frenchie to their brood and I can't wait to photograph her too.  How cute must a Frenchie puppy be?

Enjoy Stitch's photography session everyone.Beautiful Frenchie photographed by Amanda DarlingFrenchi dog photographer Amanda Darling Dog photographer Surrey Dog and family photographer Surrey Frenchie Dog photographer Chipstead