Family photography with twin girls-Doubly delightful!

I am so excited to share this gorgeous family photography session with you today.  This is only the third time I have ever photographed twins, and I want to photograph more!

As a family photographer it is wonderful to be able to stand back and capture the connection between each member of the family. There is an added dimension with twins because they are separate and together at the same time.  These girls ran and played together so beautifully and were funny, feisty and thoughtful. We ended up with beautiful images that show so many sides of their personalities.

During the shoot, I made sure to get some lovely photographs of Emma and Mark together too- often parents realise that they haven't had 'proper' photographs of themselves together since their wedding!  This is a perfect chance to capture some relaxed and happy portraits together.

We photographed the session late in the afternoon and the weather and light was beautiful.  As we walked through the woods and fields, the rabbits scattered and scampered away much to the joy of the girls.  Then we came across a whole field full of beautiful buttercups, and the girls had fun gathering armfuls, seeing who could collect the most.

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs from this lovely family as much as I enjoyed photographing them.


Twin girls climing a gate by Surrey photographer amanda darling photograhy Amanda Darling Photography lifestyle woodland family session Amanda Darling Photography Surrey twins photographer Amanda Darling Photography Surrey photographer Family photography Mother and daughter by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Dad and twin daughterd lifesyle family photgrapher Amanda Darling

Twin girls waering blues by Surrey lifestyle photographer Amanda Darling Realxed Family photograpy with laughing twin girls by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Twin girls with buttercups by lifestyle family photographer Amanda Darling Family walking through a field of buttercups ny Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Relaxed Parents walking through field of buttercups by Amanda Darling photography relaxed photograph of dad and twin daughter by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling Classic relaxed family photography by Surrey family photographer Amanda Darling

Monday Musings- Start like you mean to go on

Surrey Family Photographer Amanda Darling's high ropes photpHappy Monday Friends!

So we are recovering from the mother of all busy weekends- and there was no alcohol involved!  I had no family photography sessions this weekend, so I took lots of fun photos at Rowena's birthday party instead.

In 60 hours, we managed to cram in hosting a survival evening for the guides at the farm, 2 birthday parties, a sleepover, helping at a tea party for 40 delightful senior citizens and a full day rehearsal for the school play.

Reading that back makes me wonder how we did it!

As ever, lessons learned and points of note:

  • Is it just me or did we go to sleep last night in June and wake up in November?
  • Dear Miss Hunter-Blair, Rowena worked very hard on her maths probability boardgame this weekend, but she is very tired and I am sorry if she falls asleep in class.
  • Why is it always so difficult to get plain black leggings for play performances in summer? Don't the clothing shops realise that there are hundreds of desperate mums hunting the rails for winter leggings in the middle of summer?
  • Why do I always leave the search for black leggings till the last minute?
  • No matter how tired you are at 6.30am on a Monday, if you play Smells like Teen Spirit very very loudly and jump around the kitchen like you're 17 again singing at the top of your voice, you will be unstopable afterwards. Start Monday like you mean to go on.

Now that have shared my foolproof get up and go formula and I am completely awake, I have a gorgeous family photography session with delightful twin girls to share with you on Wednesday. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful week everyone.....

A newborn baby photography session in Ewell- welcoming Edward

Three and a half years ago, I photographed Marcus at 5 weeks old.  And here I am nearly 3 years later absolutely thrilled to do the same for his brother Edward.  I went to their home in Ewell and Lola and Michael spent a happy 2 hours cuddling and  focussing on their beautiful children.  Marcus was completely unfazed and played happily with his toys.  The result was photographs of relaxed and happy family times enjoying this wonderful new chapter of their family.

When it comes to baby photography I make sure the session is completely relaxed and we go at the baby's pace, allowing time for feeds and naps.  I love to capture the images that I as a parent would treasure.  This means I look for images that show the deep and incredibly close and protective love that parents wrap their newborns in.  It's really important for parents to be able to look back on that special time and see the connection and moments with their children.  As newborns are often the most photographed by the family, I make sure that I focus on the parents with the child, as they are often the ones taking lots of pictures on their phones but are rarely in the shots themselves.  I imagine that when the babies themselves are grown and have their children and grandchildren they will treasure the chance to see how they are loved and feel that connection.

I hope you enjoy some of the images from this lovely family photography session.  Welcome Edward!





Monday Musings- half term in the Isle of Wight

Amanda-Darling-Photography-Family-Photographer-SurreyHappy Monday friends,

Half term arrived with a tidal wave of relief and loud joy- no more exams!  We had a couple of days of luxuriously long lie-ins, leisurely lunches, and lovely walks.

Then we all packed up and went to the Isle of Wight for a few days. I have never been before- the only one of us that hadn't- and was very excited. We had good weather and really enjoyed ourselves.

Some highlights from our trip:

  • A couple of years ago I decided that a holiday is only a holiday if it involves absolutely no cooking whatsoever, and I am glad to say that last week was a fantastic holiday!
  • The Isle of Wight has so much to do that we ran out of time, and will have to go back
  • Catching a ferry is fun when it's only for a 45 minute crossing
  • The island has some stunning scenery- cliffs, rolling hills and valleys, pretty sailing towns, ornate Victorian Villas and really beautiful beaches
  • If you love fossil hunting then head to the Isle of Wight -it is a fossil hunter's paradise

All in all a perfect place for a staycation. Hope you like the view from our balcony, above.

Have a lovely week everyone!