Monday Musings

Childrens-Photography-CR5-Surrey-Muddy-Photography-Amanda-Darling-PhotographyHappy Monday Friends!

It was a busy week last week- the kids went back to school and doesn’t it take time to get back into the routine? It was made trickier by the fact that Thursday was really Monday’s timetable. What!  The school does this to keep parents on their toes- I think I passed the test. Luckily I didn’t forget any pick ups (always a risk!) and we found the tennis rackets at the back of the cupboard. We live to fight another day!

We’ve had a gentle 3 weeks of lie ins with a bit of revision thrown in and some fun days out during the holidays, so the reality of a disciplined week of 6:30 am starts and the excitement of catching up with friends at school meant we were all pleased to see the weekend…..hello breakfast in bed!

So what transpired this last week:

  • A 14 year old who goes to a sleepover party with 2 hours sleep is not a pretty sight by Sunday lunchtime- but apparently it was worth it, so that’s ok then!
  • We booked our summer holiday at last- look out America, here we come
  • Ever since I had children, I cry at the opening of a packet of biscuits, so you can imagine that I was a puddle watching the London Marathon this weekend. Each and every runner is outstanding- truly outstanding.
  • For the last fortnight I have been getting up an hour earlier to enjoy an ”hour of power” where I go for a walk and focus on the day ahead in complete peace. The world is so beautiful at 5:30 in the morning. Totally recommended.
  • The lambs are starting to nibble the grass and wean themselves. High five to nature!

And it’s another busy week coming up- I have 2 photography sessions this week, which I am really excited about. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to sharing with you a lovely "wellie boot" children's photography session featuring the handsome Ollie and his beautiful sister Ellie above.

Fingers crossed this lovely dry weather continues.

Have a happy week friends.

A sunny Family Photography session in Surrey- introducing Ava

On a perfect sunny late afternoon I had the pleasure of welcoming little Ava and her lovely family to the farm for their family photography session. We couldn’t have planned a more perfect English Sunday – blue skies the colour of cornflowers, little white clouds dotting the sky and a gentle breeze.

It was Ava’s first trip to a farm. She loved running through the long grass, meeting the sheep and generally just capturing our hearts. Mum Hazel had taken the time to plan their clothes in gentle blues and whites to give their images a simple harmony, and brought a change of outfit too, so we got a wide selection of photographs.  And really importantly, both Hazel and dad Jarvis came ready to enjoy their experience and have a great time.

They relaxed into the flow immediately and we started by capturing some classic family portraits, then followed Ava as she wandered through the field.  The grass rippled gently in the breeze, and she stopped to investigate flowers and insects, and allowed me to get some fantastically relaxed and natural images- Ava, you are a natural!

One of the things I love to photograph are the special moments with each parent, capturing that wonderful bond and connection, to give parents images that they would never normally see, because they are in them. Images that they can treasure now and that Ava can treasure all the more when she has her own family. I am really happy with these lovely photographs- Ava, Hazel and Jarvis, you have a beautiful family!

Enjoy some of the images from this relaxed and sun filled family photography session.Surrey-Family-Photoraphy-amanda-Darling Children's-lifestyle-photography-surrey-Amanda-Darling Children's-photograpy-surrey-Amanda-Darling-Photography Dad-and-daughter-photography-surrey-Amanda-Darling Lifestyle-childrens-photography-Surrey Natural-childrens-Photographer-surrey-amanda-darling natural-mother-and-daughter-photography-surrey-Amanda-Darling Relaxed-natural-family-photography-surrey-amanda-darling I hope you all love these as much as I do- thank you Ava, Hazel and Jarvis, it was a real pleasure to spend time with you all.